April 26, 2017

A Platform For Opportunity

From Satellite Evolution EMEA

iQ-2017-2-SOCIAL-500We’ve come a long way since we first started launching satellites in the late 1950s. Capabilities have advanced far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and it’s key that we make the most of the technology we have today. Kevin Steen, President and Chief Executive Officer of VT iDirect, explains how satellite capacity can best be harnessed, today and into the future.

The satellite industry is poised for big change. Wave after wave of capacity is transforming the economics of our industry and creating vast market opportunities, and the DVB-S2X standard is driving unprecedented gains in performance and efficiency to meet surging demand for bandwidth coming from every market sector.

How will satellite operators and service providers harness the power of current and future capacity to most efficiently run their networks and capitalize on growth opportunities?

The answer comes down to three priorities. They need to continually keep pace with throughput demands, be vigilantly prepared for the next wave of innovation, and manage scale at the right cost and pace.

Passing the speed test
Winning in today’s satellite market requires a high-performance, ultra-efficient solution. Today, that primiarly means DVB-S2X. As companies like iDirect have released DVB-S2X products, we’re beginning to see the emergence of programmable chip sets that provide horsepower and much of the intelligence inside. Continue>