February 14, 2017

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at iDirect’s Next-Generation Technology Strategy

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A programmable ASIC chipset is the power inside iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2X remote portfolio called the iQ Series.

As the satellite industry dramatically shifts into a new era, our future is more important than ever. And the issues our industry faces need entirely new answers.

How do satellite operators advance their business models to monetize the explosion of capacity coming online? How do service providers keep pace with throughput rates, and even race ahead of what end users demand today? How do service providers and operators build out massive networks without the traditional cost model that can make satellite communication a capex- and opex-intensive endeavor?

iDirect has begun to answer these questions with the introduction of our next-generation technology strategy. Two years ago, we embarked a re-design of our ground infrastructure platform to tackle tomorrow’s demands — building on our core product lines so that our customers can meet future opportunities while protecting their investment in iDirect technology.

The Intelligent Path Forward

Our strategy focuses on unleashing the potential of today’s High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as well as interoperating with coming generations of satellites that will feature new architecture designs and flexible payloads.

The cornerstone of this new strategy is our advanced, programmable ASIC chipset, engineered to take full advantage of the DVB-S2X standard and enhanced for iDirect’s highest performing Adaptive TDMA waveform.

The ASIC chipset is the powerful intelligence inside iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2X remote portfolio called the iQ Series, which is targeted for broadband, enterprise and mobility applications and packaged in desktop, board level and rack-mount form factors.

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Introducing the iQ Desktop remote, the first version in iDirect’s next-generation iQ Series remote portfolio that is engineered for best-in-class DVB-S2X performance.

The iQ Series can be upgraded through software licensing, where service providers can increase throughput and add network capabilities, thereby extending the deployment life of a remote. The first iQ remote released to the market will be a desktop version that features a multi-core processor and dual GigE VLAN-aware networking ports in a very small form factor.

As a critical element of our technology strategy, we are also releasing a new product called the iDirect Intelligent Gateway – a hub-side appliance that leverages blade-based compute and virtualization techniques to support the very high throughput and processing required for DVB-S2X operations, while reducing infrastructure operating costs.

With our technology strategy, we are taking our partners well beyond the first wave of DVB-S2X through the next several generations of HTS. Our partners can rely on a proven platform that protects and maximizes their investment in iDirect.

“Our goal is to remove every barrier to growth — whether it be network speed, operating cost or market viability,” says Wayne Haubner, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Emerging Technologies, iDirect. “We pushed through a set of engineering challenges that will put us ahead of what the satellites can do. And the result is new technology that gives our customers the capability to go into markets that have traditionally been untouchable.”

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