July 7, 2015

iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution Helps Axesat Streamline VSAT Installations Across Latin America

VSAT Installations Across Latin America

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of  Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that satellite service provider Axesat has implemented the iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution to help accelerate the commissioning of its VSAT remotes, enabling it to deploy new services more efficiently and add customers on to the network faster. Axesat’s VSAT service, based on iDirect Evolution, offers connectivity solutions to customers in retail, construction and infrastructure, financial and oil and gas markets across Latin America. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Members of the Axesat team align the satellite signal using the iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution from a laptop

Axesat is a multinational company with presence in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Central America.The service provider is targeting Mexico as its base for serving the entire Latin American market. Roughly half of its 12,000 VSATs are installed in this region, where it anticipates new opportunities across such core markets as retail, infrastructure, financial and oil and gas growing the business by 40-50%.

The iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution is based on Integrasys’ Satmotion product and allows Axesat to autonomously point and adjust its antennas, streamlining the overall commissioning of its X1X3 and X5 remotes. This helps support the anticipated growth for Axesat, allowing it to deploy new services quicker, and get customers up-and-running on the network at an accelerated pace.

Axesat satellite dish in a remote location easily commissioned from headquarters

“At Axesat, our iDirect-based satellite infrastructure allows us to offer a complete portfolio of solutions that answer any need for connectivity. Using iDirect’s Satmotion, we deploy new sites quickly and with less chance of maintenance visits, which ultimately helps us grow faster and most cost-effectively to meet the demands of the market,” says Gerardo Gálvez, R&D Director of Axesat México.

“The Latin Americanmarket remains a hotbed for VSAT growth with demand for high-speed services accelerating across all markets. Axesat is in a prime position to capitalize on this opportunity and iDirect’s Satmotion helps provide the flexibility and rapid response necessary to expand capacity within its portfolio,” says Rob Kilroy, Regional Vice President Americas, iDirect.