SATLink Manager

Our SATLink Manager software module allows broadcasters and telco operators to efficiently manage the transmission resources and capacity, and guaranteeing error- free link setups by automation of satellite ground equipment.

SATLink Manager
  • SATLink Manager Features

    • Multiple data + broadcast services support on single platform
    • Versatile modem portfolio support
    • Possibility to integrate with integrated NMS, to allow support of flexible transmission workflows and hybrid connectivity
    • Scales from small to large networks
    • Support for capacity pools over multiple transponders, frequency bands and satellites
    • Scales with the number of supported services and throughputs
    • Low upfront CAPEX requirements, invest as your business grows
    • Support for highly efficient modulation schemes, such as DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X
    • Optimization of bandwidth allocation through optimal MODCOD selection and pooled capacity support
    • FlexACM support
    SATLink Manager