Evolution® Mesh Receiver

The Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh solution is iDirect’s high performance product with an industry-leading aggregate receive throughput of up to 29 Msps and individual carrier rates up to 7.5 Msps. Based on the Mesh Receiver and the popular X7 satellite router, the DVB-S2 mesh offering is implemented as a mesh overlay on an Evolution® star topology network. The mesh overlay provides direct connectivity between remote terminals with a single trip over the satellite, thereby halving the latency and reducing satellite bandwidth requirements.

iDirect Evolution®
  • Features

    • 2RU solution with the X7 remote
    • Receive throughput up to 7.5 Msps per channel and 29 Msps aggregate
    • Receives up to 16 TDMA channels simultaneously, enabling high data throughput without oversized antenna and BUC
    • Frequency hopping on transmit using the X7
    • Star/mesh bandwidth sharing
    • Receives 1-hop transmission from non-mesh terminal using Mesh Tx-only mode
    • TCP acceleration for mesh links
    • Evolution platform scalability
    • Ideal for regional gateway and star-in-star topology