Toni Kousiafes

Vice President, Product Management

Toni Kousiafes is the vice president of product management at VT iDirect where she is responsible for driving the overall product strategy. Under her leadership, the team’s mission is to validate market requirements and identify new growth opportunities; implement dynamic, differentiated whole product solutions that expand and enable the ecosystem; and ensure product deliverables meet partners’ business needs and provide customer-driven value.

Kousiafes has over 20 years of distinguished, international performance in product and portfolio management, business development and marketing within the telecommunications and satellite industry. She has over eight years’ experience at VT iDirect, where she grew her role from senior product manager to vice president.

Prior to VT iDirect, Kousiafes held leadership positions in product management and business development where she gained extensive experience and knowledge in test and measurement and service providers.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland.