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Need to bring new subscribers online and at the same time ease network congestion to deliver higher value applications? No problem. With ST Engineering iDirect's leading cellular backhaul platform, MNOs can easily increase throughput and expand their coverage cost-effectively. Now, unserved, rural communities can be brought online quickly to benefit from an increased quality user experience. Our platform lets you easily manage a multitude of small, medium or large networks, spanning 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G, all while distributing media cost-effectively and meeting demanding QoE and QoS requirements. Download our whitepaper to find out how and win every opportunity with a future-proof growth strategy. Download our whitepaper to find out how you can win every opportunity with a future-proof growth strategy

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According to leading research, demand for mobile connectivity is growing exponentially and data traffic is forecast to quadruple, leaving MNOs with two major challenges.

On the one hand, MNOs must meet seemingly insatiable demand for connectivity coming from all facets of society. They must deliver improved QoE and QoS across congested networks, and find ways to offload peak traffic.

On the other hand, they must reach new subscribers in remote and rural areas while facing prohibitive terrestrial network roll-out costs. They must extend their coverage cost-effectively to not only support traditional voice but new data-heavy applications as well.

Satellite To the Rescue


With our leading ground infrastructure, satellite makes it possible for MNOs to quickly and cost-effectively extend coverage into previously unreachable areas, while maintaining mobile connectivity for emergency situations.


Satellite enables hybrid connectivity when MNOs need to manage peak traffic in urban areas, keeping users seamlessly connected through traffic offloading. Alternatively, satellite’s inherent multicasting advantages mean that heavy video traffic from OTT distribution doesn’t congest networks.


Satellite provides a fast track to bypass older 2G/3G base station technology in your mission to deploy 4G/5G services at the network edge faster and more cost-effectively.

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