Layer 2 Layer 3 Configuration Eton 10222018

iDirect Training
Location: Eton
Dates: 10/22/2018 - 10/25/2018
Times: 9:00am-5:00pm
Availability: 8 Seats
Cost: $2500.00
Attention US Government Customers: Contact iDirect Government at to register. All others please register online using a credit card or contact
All students attending an iDirect training course are required to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place prior to course commencement. Please click here for a copy of the Nondisclosure Agreement that is required to be signed and returned to either (fax) +01 703.880.7308 or email a scanned copy to Registration to an iDirect training course will be closed one week prior to course commencement. Please click here to download the appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement.
iDirect Layer-2 / Layer-3 Configuration Class – iDX 3.3

The iDirect Layer-2 / Layer-3 Configuration Class (iL2L3) is a four-day advanced training course focused on providing the attendants with the advanced knowledge needed to fully understand and efficiently configure Layer-2 and Layer-3 topologies running over a VT iDirect satellite network.
This course is intended for personnel responsible for designing and implementing networking solutions running over iDirect networks. The training is designed to provide in-depth theoretical knowledge regarding the routing protocols supported by iDirect; the performance of multiple tunneling technologies; the protocol enhancements available in the system and the newly iDX 3.3 introduced feature: Layer-2 over Satellite (L2oS). The theory is enriched by hands-on labs and demos designed to reinforce the theoretical portion of the course.
The course, a blended format of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises, is presented in a clear and technical format, providing each learner with the knowledge required to fully understand Layer-2 and Layer-3 topologies over iDirect networks. In addition to the learner instructional manual, handouts are provided, as required, to supplement existing course material and provide additional up-to-date details on latest released software and hardware.
During the training, the students will have privileged access to the latest software and hardware released by VT iDirect. The class will be conducted using iDX 3.3 software release exclusively.

Prerequisite Learner Skills 

The iDirect Operation and Maintenance (iOM) course is a prerequisite to attend the iDirect Layer-2 / Layer-3 Configuration Class (iL2L3), as the topics covered in the introductory training won’t be covered again during the iL2L3 class. In addition to that, an iDirect network operation experience of at least 6 months and familiarity with the iVantage software suite is also required.
Proficiency understanding the concepts described by the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model applied to an IP network is another mandatory prerequisite. As a reference, the student should be familiar with all the concepts covered during a typical networking certification test (as the Cisco CCNA). A user level knowledge of Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) is strongly recommended. During the labs distributed through the week the instructor will be configuring Cisco networking devices, asking the students to replicate the same configuration on their setups.
A basic user level knowledge of Linux command line interface is also desired for this course since the training will include accessing to Linux based remotes and servers and performing throughput testing tasks using tools like iPerf or udpblast, and network interfaces configuration. The student may acquire this knowledge through the Advanced iDirect Operation and Maintenance (Advanced iOM) or the iDirect Quality of Service Boot Camp (iQBC) trainings. Attending any of those is not a prerequisite.

Laptop Requirements

With the exception of our Herndon location, each registered student must bring a laptop computer running Windows XP or Windows 7, and have administrative privileges so software can be installed. The firewall should be temporarily disabled, too.
Each student attending the training within Herndon has the option of bringing a laptop or utilizing the laptops in the iGT classroom. Note that there are only a few laptops available for use, so please let us know if you need a laptop on advance.

Course Outline 

The preparation of this training material is focused, in its intent, to prepare each learner with the ability to perform advanced job functions and iDirect troubleshooting when they return to their company or organization. This course is comprised of nine learning modules listed below:
Module One      iDirect Verified Designs
Module Two      Layer-3 Routing
Module Three    Layer-3 Tunneling
Module Four      Layer-3 Enhancements
Module Five       Layer-3 Multicast
Module Six        Layer-2 Over Satellite Fundamentals
Module Seven   Layer-2 Over Satellite Configuration
Module Eight     Layer-2 Over Satellite Labs
Module Nine – Layer-2 Over Satellite Troubleshooting

Course Outline