May 31, 2018

Satellite Technology Innovations Fuel the Skies

sat connection gca

The Global Connected Aircraft Summit kicks off for three days next week in San Diego, California. iDirect’s Steve Moses, Senior Director of Vertical Market Solutions, will be speaking on the Hardware & Technology track on Tuesday, June 5 at 2:00 pm along with executives from Phasor and ThinKom Solutions.

The tremendous increase in capacity from high throughput satellite (HTS), ultra-high throughput satellites (UHTS), and even MEO/LEO constellations is changing satellite economics by bringing down the cost. Additionally, advancements in waveforms with DVB-S2X and flat panel antenna technology are creating even greater opportunities by expanding existing markets and opening up new ones. In the aero market, this means fully connected aircraft from in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) to aircraft operations. With the satellite industry entering a new phase of growth, how do you ensure high performance aero connectivity today and in the future? There are several considerations that satellite hardware providers should keep in mind when developing solutions for the aero market.

  • Numerous connectivity choices: GEO/MEO/LEO and air-to-ground are all aero connectivity options, some of which are available today and some that will be available tomorrow. Each choice or multi-orbit combination has its own merits and tradeoffs.
  • VSAT solution architecture: The ARINC 791 standard defines Ku- and Ka-band satellite data airborne terminal equipment and there are many options to integrate the technologies.
  • Modem and antenna technology: Future modems and antennas will need to support multi-waveforms and multi-orbits.
  • System capabilities: Commercial aircraft will need to seamlessly maintain connectivity while roaming between orbital planes and ATG.

A Model for Success

As a ground infrastructure provider, our goal is to provide a platform that allows satellite operators and service providers to cost-effectively grow their networks and quickly deploy new services while leveraging the latest technology for the highest performance and efficiencies. Partners should feel confident knowing that with our continuous innovations in aero mobility, their investments today will continue to provide benefits tomorrow.

To learn more, please attend the Hardware & Technology track or stay tuned for our post event wrap-up blog article.