The world has embraced mobile technology. Mobile networks have enabled voice services for over 90% of the world and now the increase in smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices are making mobile networks the platform of choice for data services. This demand has brought with it new challenges for operators looking to expand services, grow subscribers and maintain leadership in a very competitive industry. Cellular backhaul over satellite has proven to be a necessary and cost effective technology helping mobile operators around the globe extend their reach.

Building a terrestrial backhaul network to connect base stations to the core network isn’t always possible; it can be cost prohibitive or technically challenging because of the terrain. Yet, operators want to expand services, grow subscribers and maintain leadership in a competitive marketplace. With iDirect’s Cellular Backhaul satellite technology, it is possible to provide backhaul from the farthest corners of the world.

Satellite remains a viable and competitive option for bringing cellular service to remote and rural areas. Satellite technology has a number of positive attributes that make it a perfect solution for supporting the cellular industry:

  • Offers ubiquitous coverage with high reliability
  • Can be installed quickly
  • Cost effective to operate and maintain

The current generation of wireless communications technology, 3G / HSPA, allows operators to offer high-speed wireless data services to customers, no matter their location. The cellular backhaul demand from subscribers’ increases as the mobile phone becomes the primary communication device. The iDirect platform offers mobile operators the ability to fill in network gaps in urban or suburban areas or to expand their reach and grow their business in remote locations as demand requires.

iDirect’s Cellular Backhaul Solution
Built from the ground up to support IP, the iDirect platform easily integrates with the latest IP base stations from the leading cellular infrastructure manufacturers. iDirect’s technology has unique features that maximize bandwidth efficiency while enabling superior voice quality and high-speed data throughput.

With iDirect’s flexible, scalable platform operators will find:

  • TDMA and SCPC on a single platform - start small with minimal bandwidth commitment using TDMA and transition to SCPC if and when demand grows, without changing hardware in the field
  • Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) features such as time-slot feathering, UDP header compression and free-slot allocation for superior voice quality and high-data speeds
  • Group Quality of Service (GQoS) offers total control of bandwidth management and prioritization to ensure terrestrial-grade link quality and higher reliability for voice and data services

Why Use iDirect for Your Cellular Backhaul Solution?
iDirect’s technology is used all over the world to improve connectivity to remote and rural areas. Our partnerships with the top cellular infrastructure manufacturers means we can offer you the tested, proven solutions to meet your network requirements. As the demand for mobile voice and data services continues to explode satellite technology will play an integral role in expanding the coverage areas and opening up new revenue opportunities for mobile operators.

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