Introducing: iDX 3.2 Software

Building on the power and versatility of the Evolution® platform, iDX 3.2 software takes efficiency and performance to the next level.

  • Adaptive TDMA boosts offers great flexibility for network design
  • Waveform enhancements for 5-15% bandwidth efficiency improvements (up to 40% for BPSK)
  • “Superburst” enables up to 5 times faster remote acquisitions
  • Improved DVB-S2 carrier roll-off for up to 13% in outbound bandwidth savings
  • New X7 remote supports high-speed data applications

Platform-wide power and versatility you need to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

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Major Efficiency Gains Through Adaptive TDMA

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Award Winning, High Performance X7 Remote

Winner of the VSAT 2013 Technology Innovation of the Year award, the X7 remote is the first of iDirect’s next-generation family of remotes. Built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system, the X7 is optimized to deliver best-in-class DVB-S2/ACM and A-TDMA throughput performance. The X7 also features SCPC on the return and an 8-port embedded switch for managing multiple user groups. The rack-mountable remote comes with multiple choices of embedded power supply units and dual DVB-S2 demodulators with fully independent RF chains. This makes it uniquely suited for a range of enterprise voice and data services while simultaneously receiving multicast channels over the same or a second transponder or satellite – even combining spot-beam HTS capacity and Ku- and C-band capacity.


  • 1 RU high remote chassis fitting in standard telecom racks
  • Licensable 2nd demodulator for multicast traffic
  • Variant power supply module configurations
  • Multi-image support and Web iSite for ease of deployment and upgrades
  • Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) support
  • AES Encryption