iSupport Basic

iSupport Basic is designed to provide our customers with a basic level of support services. It provides continuous, up-to-date information, 24/7/365 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) access and expert assistance. iDirect also offers higher tiers of service for customers who require software upgrades and higher availability, including iSupport Enhanced and iSupport Premium.

iSupport Enhanced

iSupport Enhanced is designed to help you get the most out of your iDirect investment and includes the following benefits:

  • Round the clock access to world-class engineers and network experts. The iDirect TAC (Technical Assistance Center) provides ongoing support for rapid issue resolution, software upgrades and releases
  • A comprehensive customer web interface including the latest integrated tools, best practices and comprehensive knowledgebase. It’s an easy way to retrieve the latest product documentation, technical notes and bulletins and software release notes
  • Access to the iDirect online issue tracking system, providing full tracking of issues, RMA (return material authorization) status and more
  • Extended hardware warranty on iDirect hub solution components (hub chasis and linecards)
  • Annual Network Health Check (remote)

iSupport Enhanced includes all the benefits listed above. iSupport Premium offers the following additional benefits. For more details, contact your iDirect sales representative.

iSupport Premium

  • Annual Onsite Network Health Check
  • Remote managed upgrade support — An iDirect CSE works with you to plan and execute managed upgrades for mission-critical systems
  • 10-Day Fast Track Response for Warranty Repairs (routers only)
  • Spare-in-the-Air RMA support for hub components — 24 hour advanced replacement
  • Technical Account Management Support — a primary and discrete back-up CSE are permanently assigned for ongoing support