SatManage Advanced Developer Course Description


The iDirect SatManage Developer course is intended for developers whose organization has unique needs for customizing SatManage features. This class will focus on covering SatManage core functionality and customization techniques with additional focus on optional modules and on some of the features introduced in SatManage 5.2 in a five-day period. Attendees will also discuss and gain knowledge necessary to complete their implementations of such features.

Presented in a clear and technical manner, this course provides a combination of lecture, demonstrations, practical exercises/hands on and module reviews.

List of topics:

APIs: Report Safety

Plugins: Circuit Acceptance, System Monitoring, Webservice

Sub-system: Auto Helpdesk, SLA Reporter, Scheduled Reporter and new reports

Prerequisite Learner Skills

  • Must have completed SatManage Developer training 
  •  Intermediate Experience writing Perl code including using modules Object Oriented development, CPAN, good working knowledge of hashes, arrays, and regular expressions. Basic knowledge of creating modules is advantageous 
  •  Intermediate Experience writing server-side CGI code 
  •  Intermediate Experience writing SQL queries 
  •  Intermediate Experience using Linux on the command line, including editing text files 
  •  Basic Experience writing CSS/JS code

Recommended pre-study materials for this training include:

  • O’Reilly Learning Perl
  • O’Reilly Intermediate Perl (Chapters 1 through 18)