SatManage Administrator Training

iDirect SatManage Administrator Course Overview

Geared for Tier-3 and network administrators, SatManage Admin training offers in-depth knowledge on using and customizing SatManage. Starting with Linux familiarization, the training covers security, authentication, SatManage system architecture and technology review, managing Dashboard, managing Circuit Manager, handling Cache, iDirect network integration, customizing Visual Correlation Systems, planning planned maintenance outage schedule, routine maintenance advise to administrator, among others. Throughout the training, learners will have access to a training SatManage system to enhance their understanding of the system. After completion, learners should be able to perform routine maintenance of the system, schedule PMO accordingly, manage individual feature sets, and expand their monitoring scope.

Presented in a clear and technical manner, this course provides a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and practical exercises that will give the learner a comprehensive overview of SatManage Administrative functions. In addition to the Learner Instructional Manual, handouts are provided, as required, to supplement existing course material and provide additional up-to-date details on currently released software and hardware. The Learner Workbook, specifically, provides the all practical exercises required for course completion.

Prerequisite Learner Skills - SatManage User Training is the required.

Course Outline
The preparation of this training material is focused, in its intent, to prepare each learner with the ability to perform essential administrative job functions when they return to their company or organization. Upon successful completion of all course requirements (practical and written), the individual will receive a certificate of course completion. This course is comprised of fourteen learning modules listed below:

• Navicat + Cygwin/Putty
• SatManage Overview
• System Architecture
• Technology Overview
• Security
• Authentication
• Tools * Simple Example
• Circuit Status Flow (in iDirect ppt)
• Visual Correlation Systems
• Circuit Manager
• Cache
• iDirect Integration
• Daily and Weekly Administration
• Doc Portal: CM 1.1, Location Tracker and Dashboard

3 Worked Examples
New Circuit Manager Field
Location Tracker bubble enhancement
Dashboard plugin