Evolution® 4.1 Software

Evolution 4.1 allows for the addition of new DVB-S2X networks for unprecedented gains in performance and efficiency. This release also builds on the performance innovations of Evolution 3.5 and allows network operators and service providers to get more out of their existing DVB-S2 networks and add powerful mesh capabilities with the iDirect’s Multi-Carrier Mesh solution.

Deploy New Highly Efficient DVB-S2X Networks
Unlock HTS capacity performance to maximize throughput. Utilize existing hub and line card system (Series 15100 + ULC-T) to transition to DVB-S2X and significantly improve hub density with the Intelligent Gateway (iGW).

  • 20-30% efficiency savings with MODCODs up to 256APSK
  • Compact, high performance iQ Desktop
  • Increased hub density with iGW virtualization
  • Highest ATDMA return capabilities with the ULC-R up to 29 Msps aggregate and licensable 16 channel demodulators

Maximize DVB-S2 Networks
Leverage the Universal Receive Line Card (ULC-R) and high-performing 9350 remote for even greater return throughput. Gain the versatility of mixing star, mesh and hop-and-a-half terminals for the most advanced mesh system on the market today.

  • Returns up to 29 Msps with the 9350 and ULC-R
  • Licensable up to 16 channel demodulators on the ULC-R
  • Flexible mesh solution based on Mesh Receiver and X7
iDirect Evolution 4.1 Software. Lead The Way.