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iDirect Pulse®: Transforming Every Aspect of Your Business

Running a Network Operations Center (NOC) can be anything but simple. There are multiple networks to monitor, individual tasks to manage and systems to integrate. Furthermore, network operations impact the entire business – from how a company serves its customers, to how it manages its profitability and pursues new revenue opportunities. That’s why service providers need iDirect Pulse®, the next-generation Network Management System (NMS) that transforms satellite network operations, enabling higher levels of performance.

iDirect Pulse is the heartbeat for iDirect Velocity™ networks, and in the future, will provide an upgrade path to transition management of large iDirect Evolution® networks. Its capabilities provide value by:

  • Enabling enterprise scalability to support large networks, 
  • Enhancing mobility management to simplify complex networks,
  • Improving interfacing with OSS/BSS for integrated management.

Within the NOC, the web-based interface provides the information and tools needed to deliver high-quality results – whether that’s building a new network using a desktop in the NOC or conducting on-site analysis over a tablet device at a customer site. iDirect Pulse also offers deeper visibility into network activity, pulling together rich sets of analytics to enable better decision-making and rapid troubleshooting.

Beyond the NOC, iDirect Pulse helps to ensure teleports will always be online, through a multi-site distributed architecture that provides critical redundancy and data backup support. And the extensibility obtainable through the Web service API means service providers can link the NMS into other business systems, such as billing and provisioning, for more seamless operations that boost performance.

Reaching outward to customers, the tailored services and flexible permissions mean iDirect Pulse supports multiple business models and is accessible by a wide range of users. And service providers can leverage the API to develop portals and apps that create a rich customer experience.

Simply put, iDirect Pulse simplifies operations so you can continue to grow while delivering superior customer support.