The iDirect Platform is an IP-based satellite communications system engineered to deliver high-quality broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed. The Platform positions operators and service providers for long-term growth and success with the ability to access a wide range of markets, manage operational and capital costs effectively and create unique value for customers.

Core Architecture
The iDirect Platform consists of a universal hub and network management system that supports iDirect’s Evolution® and Velocity® product lines. Each product line comprises a series of line cards, operating software and a portfolio of both dedicated and dual-mode remotes to provide investment protection with the flexibility to upgrade to higher capabilities in the future.

  • Network Management System: Manage complex, large-scale networks; run an efficient, reliable and high-quality operation; and continually improve customer satisfaction
  • Universal Hub and Line Cards: Universal capabilities and cost-effective modular design to establish and scale satellite networks
  • Evolution®: Award-winning product line designed to meet a broad range of customer requirements from narrowband to demanding high-bandwidth applications
  • Velocity®: Builds on the capabilities of Evolution for greatly expanded scale. Designed for satellite operators deploying HTS architectures
  • Remote Portfolio: Designed to meet distinct end user requirements and support a wide range of data speeds – from narrowband to extreme bit rates. Multiple form factors, including desktops, rack-mounts, outdoor units and router boards

The iDirect Platform: Distinguishing Features

  1. Flexible, Efficient Core Architecture
  2. Modular Design for Scalability
  3. Integration with Terrestrial Networks
  4. Advanced Quality of Service and Reliability
  5. Data Security
  6. Mobility Capabilities
  7. Operational Efficiency
  8. Investment Protection

  • Flexible, Efficient Core Architecture: iDirect hub can connect to any frequency band on all satellite architectures. The Platform is built on DVB-S2/ACM with Adaptive TDMA and multiple efficiency technologies to allocate bandwidth efficiently over distributed networks, while automatically adjusting to dynamic traffic demands and changing network conditions.
  • Modular Design for Scalability: The modular hub and line card system enables operators and service providers to minimize initial capital costs, offer multiple service types from a central hub, and scale business one network at a time in a “pay as you grow” manner. It also allows Service Providers to operate across all business models, including VNO, HNO and managed service models and easily add new capabilities with over-the-air software upgrades.
  • Integration with Terrestrial Networks: The Platform mirrors the quality and reliability of terrestrial services, ensuring an enterprise-class user experience, and can operate seamlessly as part of an integrated global IP network.
  • Advanced Quality of Service and Reliability: iDirect’s QoS technologies allow operators and service providers to create application-level Service Level Agreements within a customer’s network and offer multi-tiered services. The Platform’s hub diversity and redundancy and seamless network failover protects overall network integrity and delivers carrier class reliability.
  • Data Security: The Platform supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for commercial applications, as well as advanced military security standards, such as TRANSEC, FIPS and STANAG.
  • Mobility Capabilities: Industry-leading mobility functionality lets operators and service providers capitalize on emerging maritime, government and defense, and aviation markets.

    • Automatic Beam Selection (ABS) technology enables the operation of global connectivity with no manual intervention across multiple satellite footprints
    • Global tracking allows operators and service providers to monitor and manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passes from network to network around the world
    • Spread Spectrum waveform technology supports very small antennas on aircraft, maritime and land-based vehicles
    • High-speed COTM features comprise of fast beam-switching, Doppler compensation and fast reacquisition after blockage
    • Remotes are optimized around Seize, Weight and Power (SWaP). Ruggedized gear and router boards can be integrated into aeronautical, portable and other specialized mobility systems
    • Operational Efficiency: The Intelligent Platform’s NMS enables operators and service providers to run their entire business operations more efficiently and profitably. With the Platform, they can:

      • Streamline their operations to maximize productivity and lower costs and risks
      • Operate at peak efficiency, bringing everything within their view and under their control to make responsive, strategic decisions
      • Expand business effortlessly, managing large-scale global networks with world-class service and operational support
      • Integrate with third party systems and develop customized NOC features to continually refine internal tasks and processes
      • Provide customers with unrivalled visibility and responsiveness that will differentiate customer service, deepen loyalty and add revenue opportunities
      • Investment Protection: We continually strive to extend the value of the iDirect Platform. Software enhancements continually fuel the iDirect Platform, delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to expanded functionality throughout the platform. With the iDirect Platform, customers can invest in an innovative technology mindset aligned with a long-term business strategy.


      iDirect’s technology continues to be adopted rapidly worldwide and is trusted to support the most critical IP applications. The technology behind iDirect enables customers to operate highly flexible, scalable and cost-efficient networks; tailoring quality of service levels to their specific needs for voice, data and video transmissions.

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      Advanced Features

      iDirect’s advanced features provide greater security and mobility over the entire iDirect Platform. The advanced features are integrated throughout the hardwaresoftware and network management system to provide a total solution.Learn more