The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ is an IP-based satellite communications system engineered to deliver quality broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed. The Platform changes the nature of what satellite communications is capable of achieving, transforming satellite communications into a mainstream solution able to extend high-speed, secure connectivity to any geography, environment or communications application. The Intelligent Platform is a key driver in evolving the VSAT market by helping our customers optimize networks, reduce costs, differentiate service, enter into new markets, and grow revenue.

Elements of the Intelligent Platform
The Intelligent Platform consists of a flexible, universal hub and line card system, a versatile series of remotes, plus fully integrated operating and management software that forms a unified IP-based satellite communications architecture. Every element – from hardware components to software features embedded in the Platform – shares a common development approach based on performance, efficiency, flexibility, and functionality.

The value of the Platform lies in the integration of the hardware and software architecture along with a dynamic feature set that makes it flexible in its ability to handle diverse market needs – enabling everything from basic Internet and VoIP to sophisticated application suites, such as video conferencing and digital signage in fixed and mobile environments.

With this single, unified platform, customers have the core functionality needed to efficiently establish a reliable, shared satellite service able to deploy the widest range of applications.

Software enhancements continually fuel the Intelligent Platform, delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to network scalability improvements and expanded functionality throughout the Platform.

With the Intelligent Platform, customers can invest in an innovative technology mindset aligned with a long-term business strategy.

The Intelligent Platform™: Top Five Distinguishing Attributes


iDirect’s technology continues to be adopted rapidly worldwide and is trusted to support the most critical IP applications. The technology behind iDirect enables customers to operate highly flexible, scalable and cost-efficient networks; tailoring quality of service levels to their specific needs for voice, data and video transmissions.

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Advanced Features

iDirect’s advanced features provide greater security and mobility over the entire iDirect Intelligent Platform™. The advanced features are integrated throughout the hardwaresoftware and network management system to provide a total solution.Learn more