Evolution® 3.5 Software

Evolution® 3.5 Software
iDX 3.5 delivers on our innovation strategy with new hardware and software features that dramatically expand performance levels to capture the exploding market opportunities of High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

Hub-Side Performance
The next-generation Universal Line Cards leverage more powerful multi-spot beams and larger transponders at higher MODCODs to achieve greater throughput on the same amount of bandwidth.

  • ULC-R multi-channel demod return line card up to 16 channels supports 15 Msps returns (29 Msps aggregate) for improved efficiency
  • ULC-T transmit line card is DVB-S2X ready and supports DVB-S2/ACM with 32APSK and linear pre-distortion for optimal operation of larger transponders

Advancing Mobility Networks
The Universal Line Cards improve performance for iDirect’s 9-series remotes for high-end commercial mobility markets, giving service providers an immediate surge in network performance for bandwidth-hungry customers.

  • The 9-series represents the fastest iDirect TDMA remotes to date with over 150 Mbps of aggregate throughput, advanced mobility support, multiple form factors, and increased performance, efficiency, and security.
iDirect Evolution 3.5 Software