Satmotion Pocket Highlights

  • Easy-to-use, graphical interface designed for VSAT installers
  • Reduce number of labor hours required
  • Eliminate the need for real-time coordination via phone from remote site to satellite NOC and VSAT hub
  • Automated and secure
  • Convenient log files available post-install

Alusat Highlights

  • Leverages Satmotion hardware
  • Virtually visits all VSAT sites on the network
  • Maximizes network performance
  • Reduces maintenance time, effort and satellite interference
  • Significant OPEX reduction by reducing site visits


The Satmotion Pocket commissioning tool streamlines the process to point the antenna, isolate the cross polarization, minimize adjacent satellite interference, perform the 1dB compression test, and find the initial transmit power through an intuitive software interface. This allows VSAT installers to efficiently commission remotes. Once installed, Alusat simplifies the ongoing maintenance process by monitoring remote RF status and in certain conditions, may even recover service-degraded terminals.