• Hub optimization saves 10-20% on outbound web traffic through advanced data compression techniques
  • Advanced TCP acceleration or IP spoofing improves the throughput and performance for star, mesh or SCPC satellite networks
  • Link balancing and bonding up to 8 different links for improved traffic flow
  • Byte caching for bandwidth savings
  • Advanced cellular compression over a satellite network
  • Enhanced IP QoS & TCP Weighted Fair Queuing QoS
  • Configurable as a bridge or router; one-sided or two-sided optimization and acceleration

XipLink is an established market leader in optimizing VSAT networks. XipLink originally provided TCP acceleration solutions, and has evolved to deliver comprehensive WAN optimization solutions specifically targeted at satellite and wireless networks. XipLink offers a scalable solution that can grow as requirements grow, starting with basic TCP acceleration through to full optimization of thousands of TCP sessions and hundreds of Mbps of capacity. XipLink appliances can be deployed at both the hub and remote side to meet specific use case requirements.

XipLink provides a superior user experience while maximizing the use of satellite bandwidth.