iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution

Remote Commissioning and Monitoring

The iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution is a software-based tool that allows VSAT installers to commission remotes autonomously, saving time and resources. For ongoing monitoring of VSAT networks, Alusat allows consistent monitoring to ensure optimization of operation.

XipLink-X7 Xtreme Bundle

XipLink-X7 Xtreme Bundle

This solution unites the power of two X7 remotes to meet the most demanding applications. The XipLink XS-iDirect appliance channel bonds two X7 remotes, doubling TCP performance over the same link.


Network Acceleration & Optimization

The XipLink series of products enable satellite bandwidth optimization for increased throughput and reduced costs. The range of products is designed to meet any bandwidth need.


PCMA Hub Canceller

The PCMA Hub Canceller is a signal canceller that maximizes the capacity of your satellite network and optimizes costs.