Commercial Remotes

The iDirect commercial remote portfolio supports a wide range of data speeds – from narrowband to extreme bit rates – to meet distinct end-user requirements. The remotes are available in multiple form factors, including desktops, rack-mounts, outdoor units and router boards.

iDirect iQ Series Remotes

iQ Series Routers

The iQ Series is our next-generation DVB-S2X remote series based on a common, future-proof hardware with software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion. iDirect’s iQ remote series is targeted for broadband, enterprise and small cell applications and is packaged in desktop, board level and rack-mount form factors.

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Evolution® X1 Series Satellite Routers

Evolution® X1 Series Satellite Routers

The Evolution® X1 series are optimized for use in large-scale networks such as SCADA, retail, small cell, ATM and small Enterprise. The X1 features DVB-S2/ACM, Adaptive TDMA, geo-redundancy and optional AES encryption at a cost-effective price point. The X1 Outdoor version has an IP67 enclosure to withstand extreme temperatures.
iDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router

Evolution® X5 Satellite Router

The Evolution® X5 is a powerful satellite router featuring dual-mode operation of DVB-S2/ACM or iNFINITI® TDM on the outbound. The X5 is specifically designed to support business-critical, broadband applications such as enterprise connectivity, cellular backhaul, maritime and other mobile applications.

iDirect X7 Satellite Router

X7 Satellite Routers

The X7 series are built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system and optimized to deliver best-in-class DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA performance. Its broadband capacity makes it uniquely suited for a range of demanding enterprise voice and data services.

iDirect 9350 Satellite Remote

9350 Satellite Router

The 9350 is a rack-mount satellite router for high-bandwidth, mobility applications, and can operate on High Throughput Satellites. The 9350 provides a new level of IP broadband capability, supporting DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA.

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iDirect Integrated Boards

Integrated Router Boards

The iDirect board level satellite routers are designed to easily integrate into outdoor or mobile VSAT terminals.

iDirect Evolution Multi-Carrier Mesh Receiver

Evolution® Mesh Receiver

As part of the Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh solution, the Mesh Receiver is iDirect’s high performance product with an industry-leading 16 channel demodulator, aggregate receive capacity of up to 29 Msps and individual carrier rates up to 7.5 Msps.

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Kymeta KyWay Terminal

Kymeta KyWay™ Terminal

The Kymeta KyWay terminal integrates ground breaking mTenna™ flat-panel antenna technology and the industry’s leading iDirect X7 modem, to serve a broad range of mobility applications. The attractive solution in a sleek, low-profile form factor opens up new markets to broadband connectivity for operational efficiencies.

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