iDirect Commercial Routers


The iDirect commercial remote portfolio supports a wide range of data speeds – from narrowband to extreme bit rates – to meet distinct end user requirements. The remotes are available in multiple form factors, including desktops, rack-mounts, outdoor units and router boards.

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iDirect Defense Satellite Remote Routers


The iDirect defense remote portfolio is specifically designed for military and government applications and is compliant with TRANSEC, FIPS and STANAG security standards. The remotes are available in various form factors including rack-mount, router boards and airborne enclosures.

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iDirect Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit (ODU)

The iDirect portfolio of advanced BUCs and LNBs is specifically tailored around the capabilities of iDirect satellite routers, creating synergies that deliver increased flexibility, efficiency, and convenience through genuine innovations in ODU design and manufacturing.

iDirect Optimization Solutions

Other Products

iDirect offers an assortment of products that extend and optimize the capabilities of an iDirect network, leading to better productivity and maximizing data throughput.