Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

iDirect Hub Flexibility Scalability

Scalability is important for customers who are rolling out new networks or entering new markets. Purchasing an iDirect universal hub is the perfect solution for customers who need to start small and expand their network over time by adding new linecards and new bandwidth into their existing infrastructure. Another possibility is to start with a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) option within a larger, shared hub hosted by a Host Network Operator (HNO). With the VNO capability, customers are in full control of their own networks and remotes. The customer needs to purchase only a VNO license, dedicated line cards, protocol processors and NMS servers. The hub itself and the entire supporting infrastructure can be shared transparently with the HNO.

The VNO functionality provides lower cost of ownership for customers entering new markets. At the same time it helps hub owners expand their business through hosting capabilities.