SCPC Return

SCPC Return

iDirect is the first platform that allows switching between TDMA and SCPC so that service providers will be able to operate Evolution® routers in either TDMA or SCPC Return mode depending on the current need.

While TDMA is the economical choice to handle dynamic shared traffic, SCPC Return is ideal for high bandwidth applications with constant heavy traffic.

SCPC Return can be activated to support temporary heavy-traffic conditions, or it can be turned on permanently once traffic reaches a threshold where a dedicated SCPC connection makes more sense.

This feature offers customers the efficiency of an SCPC channel on the inroute, on a temporary or permanent basis. Returning the remote to TDMA-mode is simple and is done quickly through iDirect’s Network Management System iVantage.

With iDirect’s Group Quality of Service (QoS), service providers can prioritize SCPC bandwidth by individual applications, and create a more predictable and reliable end user experience.

Leveraging iVantage® and SatManage® network management solutions, service providers can monitor, identify and quickly resolve SCPC link performance issues. Plus, they also gain visibility into how their SCPC bandwidth might be optimized and used more economically.

With iDirect’s TDMA and SCPC Return switching capability, service providers gain the flexibility to adjust service levels to dynamic applications and changing traffic patterns, while maintaining an economical way to utilize total network capacity and optimize operational efficiencies.

Download iDirect's SCPC Return Feature Brief