True mobility can be achieved with iDirect’s spread spectrum, global NMS, automatic beam switchover and advanced COTM features that ensure global connectivity as vessels, yachts, aircrafts or small high-speed land vehicles travel among multiple networks.

Advanced COTM Features
The platform includes a number of features to support deployment of Mobility terminals such as on an aircraft and vessels. These features include OpenAMIP, spread spectrum waveforms, skew angle mitigation and handling for the Doppler effect.

Antenna Considerations Diagram - iDirect

Global NMS
To achieve global coverage, remotes need to move among networks on various transponders and satellites controlled from a variety of hubs and network management systems around the world. iDirect’s single Global Network Management System (Global NMS) enables service providers to monitor and manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passes through separate networks around the world. Global NMS enables every remote to have multiple instances in the different hubs while being uniquely identified by a fixed global IP address when travelling.

Automatic Beam Selection
Automatic Beam Selection (ABS) is the most powerful and flexible way for remotes to automatically roam from network to network. Remotes can travel across satellite footprints and maintain seamless connectivity without the need for manual intervention.

Through exact GPS positioning and constant data point comparison with the hub, the iDirect router determines the best satellite coverage at any time. When it is determined that a travelling remote is reaching the beam edge, the router initiates an automatic repointing of the antenna and transfer of the connectivity to the new beam, enabling the continuous delivery of communication services.

iDirect developed the OpenAMIP® protocol in 2006 as an industry-wide open-source standard for antenna-router integration. OpenAMIP® eliminates the need for proprietary coding to make new antennas or routers introduced into the market work together. This IP-based protocol facilitates the exchange of information between an Antenna Controller Unit and a satellite router. It allows the router to command the antenna and enables the use of Automatic Beam Switching (ABS), which transfers connectivity from one satellite beam to the next as a vessel, plane or vehicle passes through multiple footprints.

iDirect features an industrial-grade product line consisting of hubs, line cards and remotes that are designed specifically for transport and deployment in harsh environmental conditions. These products are all tested and certified in accordance with the MIL-STD 810F standards for temperature, altitude, humidity, and shock and vibration performance, making them a logical choice for deployments in communications-on-the-move networks.