Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS)

Protocol Transparency Through L2oS (COMING SOON)

The award-winning Evolution® product line routes high-quality IP broadband wherever and whenever it’s needed. With the upcoming launch, Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) service providers will have the option to run an iDirect network in a Layer 2 bridging mode as an alternative to the traditional Layer 3 mode architecture.

This approach expands flexibility. A service provider can implement a variety of network architectures, pass any Layer 3 protocols desired, and easily modify Layer 3 settings after deployment. L2oS enables new satellite service delivery models based upon carrier-grade Ethernet and facilitates converged services so that a satellite network can behave like a mainstream access network.

L2oS emulates a standard Ethernet connection across the satellite link, forming an end-to-end network and transparent pathway for Layer 3 traffic. iDirect equipment no longer participates in routing, Layer 3 protocols, or higher layer functions. iDirect’s Protocol Processors and remotes serve as Ethernet switches that maintain MAC tables to make forwarding decisions based entirely on the information in the Ethernet header, passing entire Ethernet frames over the air. As a result, the iDirect Platform behaves not unlike a simple Ethernet cable from the port entering the hub Protocol Processor to the port exiting the site remote.