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iDirect Velocity® Product Line

iDirect Velocity® will enable satellite operators to deploy a single, modular and scalable platform designed to address the requirements of multiple market segments.

iDirect Velocity® was developed for satellite operators that require a ground infrastructure platform designed specifically around the unique attributes of high throughput satellite (HTS) spot-beam architecture to support their plans to offer managed services. iDirect Velocity® enables a high throughput satellite (HTS) operator to quickly address market requirements for fixed and mobile applications with maximum flexibility and the lowest risk.

Detailed Overview
iDirect Velocity® is an IP-based satellite communications system engineered to deliver high-quality broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it is needed. The Platform will position operators for long-term growth and success with the ability to access a wide range of markets, manage operational and capital costs effectively, and create unique value for satellite operators and service providers.

iDirect Velocity® consists of operating software, a hub platform, a remote portfolio and network management system.

  • Operating Software: iDirect Velocity’s® operating software is specifically designed for satellite operators to deploy managed high throughput satellite (HTS) architectures. 
  • Flexible hub architecture: iDirect Velocity® consists of an extremely powerful and modular hub architecture to manage large high throughput satellites (HTS) consisting of increasingly more beams, frequencies and throughput. The iDirect Velocity® line cards and hub components can handle high aggregate symbol rates, efficient MODCODs and are hardware-ready for future DVB-S2x support. 
  • Network Management SystemiDirect Pulse® enables satellite operators and service providers to expertly manage complex, large-scale networks; run an efficient, reliable and profitable network operation; and continually improve customer satisfaction. Pulse features open APIs to easily integrate with other OSS/BSS systems through open APIs. 
  • Remote Portfolio: The platform offers a range of satellite remotes designed to meet distinct end user requirements supporting larger throughput and speeds. iDirect’s X7 series and next generation 9000 series remotes come in multiple form factors, including desktops, rack-mounts and router boards that can be integrated into aeronautical, portable and other specialized communications systems.

Distinguishing Features

  • Global bandwidth management: Enables operators to manage a single bandwidth pool to ensure a customer’s complex SLAs across a large coverage area spanning multiple spot beams. This includes a Group Quality of Service (GQoS) system, load balancing, scheduling, geoscope and a Fair Access Policy Scheme (FAP). It provides Satellite Operators with the option of logically partitioning the satellite capacity spanning several beams for Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) through the creation of Group Service Plans. 
  • Mobility capabilities in a multi spot-beam environment: Features advanced mobility capabilities so that fast moving remotes can automatically cross multiple spot beams within a short period of time while maintaining a seamless IP session.
  • Carrier class service reliability: Supports full redundancy and rain diversity of the network infrastructure, as well as sophisticated QoS to ensure SLAs under any weather condition by incorporating adaptive waveforms.