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Datalytyx is a leading provider of big data engineering, data analytics and cloud solutions, enabling faster, more effective and more profitable decision-making throughout your enterprise. Datalytyx specialises in building modern data solutions using the latest technologies and techniques, taking advantage of new lower-cost data storage and innovative cloud services. Combined with our considerable experience of working with iDirect and iDirect Pulse data, we work with industry leading partners – including Talend, Cloudera, Microsoft, AWS and Tableau.

G&S Satcon

 G&S Satcom

G&S SatCom is a software development specialist for satellite communication. As an iDirect Developer Partner, they provide a variety of value-adding products closely integrated and built on top of the iDirect products such as iDirect Pulse® and iDirect Velocity®. Supporting iDirect’s core product development efforts in conjunction with industry domain knowledge, the G&S SatConnect platform provides custom tailored, cost effective solutions for automated provisioning, subscription management, and monitoring. As an iDirect Developer Partner, G&S SatCom is your go-to partner for smooth integration and automation around the iDirect products.