With the need for always-on connectivity comes an emerging new business model for communications service providers: global delivery of IP services aimed at reaching every end user, across any device, in every geography, and in any situation around the globe.

Satellite plays an integral role in this delivery model. High-speed mobility capabilities, along with the reach and resiliency of the technology, make it a critical component to extending network services everywhere.

To meet the rising demand, the VSAT industry as a whole is addressing long-standing technology and market challenges:

  • First, the volume of satellite capacity is growing exponentially with the launch of new GEO, MEO and LEO constellations delivering capacity at unprecedented throughput levels. This has triggered an industry-wide resetting of capacity prices at rates now rivaling fiber and cellular networks.
  • Second, to enable this growth opportunity, ground infrastructure providers are working to lower the cost of network deployment and support massive network expansion while making satellite equipment faster and easier to deploy in any network environment.

An Intelligent Path Forward

In this era of big opportunity, the fundamental way in which satellite operators and service providers operate is changing. They must:

  • Keep pace with demand for higher network speeds and networking standards for increased efficiency and performance
  • Build out massive networks, quickly and affordably
  • Operate across diverse business models to serve growing markets
  • Blend wide-beam and spot-beam capacity on more powerful satellites together to meet more demanding service levels
  • Deliver satellite as a standard access technology, able to be seamlessly integrated into broader network infrastructure to win larger market share
  • Achieve all this with minimal interruption to business operations

At iDirect we are 100% focused on how we evolve our technology to both open new market opportunities and lower the cost of service delivery in new ways. iDirect partners can build on their existing investment to unlock the power of HTS, reach new levels of performance and efficiency, and expand across every market as demand for satellite connectivity reaches new heights.