Universal 4-slot hub, industry’s first “single box” satellite remote and DVB-S2/ACM platform combine to lower cost of market entry, make network expansion more affordable and boost bandwidth efficiency


Herndon, Va., September 7, 2007— iDirect, Inc., a company of Vision Technologies Systems (VT Systems) and a global provider of IP-based satellite broadband communication systems, will unveil three milestone innovations at the IBC2007 Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam. The offerings represent key elements of iDirect’s next generation satellite system and include an entry-level 4-slot satellite hub, the industry’s first integrated remote satellite outdoor unit, and the new eVolution platform built on the DVB-S2 standard with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). 

Series 12000 universal 4-slot hub: iDirect is launching a compact 4-slot hub chassis that delivers functionality comparable to iDirect’s larger hub solutions, such as integrated IP (Internet Protocol) routing, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) acceleration, encryption and Group QoS (Quality of Service). The new hub supports multiple inbound and outbound networks on up to four satellites with a fifth slot that can be used for configuration or redundancy. The universal 4-slot hub is highly flexible, supporting the entire array of network topologies including star, mesh, SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) with outbounds up to 18 Mbps (Time-Division Multiplexing) and up to 140 Mbps (DVB-S2/ACM) per line card.

The universal 4-slot hub will enable network operators to expand to new regions and markets without incurring the expense of deploying a large scale hub. As networks grow, the hub can be daisy-chained with an expansion chassis. The 4-slot hub’s compact size makes it easier for network operators and enterprises to support mobile and field applications such as disaster recovery, Web feeds from outdoor events and satellite newsgathering for broadcasters.

Fusion Series e2000 integrated remote: iDirect is introducing the industry’s first “single-box” VSAT solution that combines a BUC, LNB, modem and IP satellite router into a low-cost, easy-to-install outdoor unit. The Fusion Series e2000 enables users to expand their networks affordably and support an array of applications from basic Internet and VoIP connectivity to more complex requirements such as secure data transfers and video applications. The Fusion Series e2000 integrated remote supports bandwidth rates of up to 18 Mbps (TDM) or 140 Mbps (DVB-S2/ACM) in the outbound and up to 6.9 Mbps in the inbound (D-TDMA).

The Fusion integrated remote has broad implications across several vertical markets. For example, retail companies can dramatically scale their networks to support applications such as VoIP, digital signage, inventory management and credit card verification. In addition, Fusion’s compact design enables network operators to expand their solutions for disaster recovery, rural telephony and distance learning.

eVolution DVB-S2/ACM platform: iDirect’s next generation DVB-S2/ACM satellite platform debuts with a preview of its remote and line card solutions. The eVolution product line is built on the DVB-S2 standard with ACM engineered into the product architecture. It can deliver bandwidth efficiency gains of greater than 50 percent over the previous non-ACM DVB-S standard by enabling each individual remote to operate at the most efficient coding and modulation scheme dependent upon its location within the satellite contour, antenna size and current weather conditions.

“As the demand for satellite communications intensifies, our customers require a new class of products that lower operating costs and increase bandwidth efficiency. iDirect’s new product lines represent a tremendous engineering effort, building the latest technology innovations into compact, powerful solutions. This enables our customers to expand their networks affordably, enter promising new markets and support a growing range of IP applications.”

~ Peter SLADE
Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, iDirect

The new products will be on display at the iDirect booth #5.318 throughout the IBC2007 Conference and Exhibition, Europe’s premier gathering for the media, entertainment and satellite industries.


iDirect, a company of VT Systems, designs, develops, and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions targeted at the enterprise, government, carrier and educational sectors that have the need for fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way internet/intranet access. The company has developed technology solutions that combine high performance, worldwide availability, ease of installation, high reliability, and low cost to end customers. In addition, iDirect solutions offer unprecedented efficiencies, increased revenue opportunities and higher per customer gross margins to satellite network operators. iDirect was awarded the 2005 World Teleport Association Teleport Technology of the year, the Innovation & Technology of the Year by The ISCe Advisory Board, and named number one in the Deloitte & Touche Virginia Technology Fast 50 list of the fastest-growing U.S. technology companies. iDirect operates its corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia and has regional offices in Europe, Asia, and covering Latin America. Additional information is available on the company website at

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