Results show VoIP call capacity increased by up to 600 percent, bandwidth efficiency boosted by more than 30 percent

Herndon, VA., 13 August, 2007 - iDirect Inc (iDirect), a company of VT Systems Inc, and DTECH LABS Inc. today announced that the DTECH WHISPER™ VoIP System has been successfully tested on the iDirect iNFINITI VSAT broadband platform.  The integration of the WHISPER system with the iDirect line of satellite hubs and remotes can provide end users with up to a 600 percent increase in VoIP call capacity over a single remote iDirect satellite link. The system can also reduce the amount of bandwidth required to support standard VoIP traffic by more than 30 percent.

With its reliance on large numbers of small, delay sensitive packets, VoIP traffic can quickly stress the resources of a remote satellite link. The WHISPER VoIP System, based on DTECH’s small-footprint, high-performance integrated hardware platform, is powered by VX Software from Network Equipment Technologies to deliver greater network efficiency through packet consolidation, header compression, and call consolidation. 

This feature set reduces the number of packets and overhead required to support a VoIP call. A 1.5 Mbps iDirect satellite link can support more than 150 simultaneous VoIP calls, while a 3 Mbps remote link can support more than 250 simultaneous VoIP calls. The combined increase in calls per packet with the reduced bandwidth required allows network operators to utilize the same space segment they currently lease to provide a more robust voice network and greater capacity for data traffic. 

DTECH LABS presently offers integrated iNFINITI/WHISPER solution sets in its line of Secure Mobile Communications Systems.  Detailed test results can be obtained from both iDirect and DTECH LABS.

“Our combined customer base has been placing an increased importance, and reliance, on VoIP-based systems for their mobile and remote communications requirements.  Our successful interoperability and performance testing has demonstrated the significant improvements and cost savings that can be had from an integrated iDirect/DTECH implementation.”

~ Robert DENSON
President and CEO, DTECH LABS

 “The architecture of the iDirect platform provides the highest levels of voice quality traffic in the VSAT industry.  The integration of the WHISPER VoIP system allows network operators to provide the same high levels of voice service while increasing the call capacity over their network by a factor of six.”

~ Michael COHEN
Vice President Strategic Marketing, iDirect


DTECH LABS, Inc. is a provider of Secure Mobile Communications Systems and Intelligent VoIP Solutions to military, government, first responder and service provider organizations. Additionally, the company provides Advanced Engineering, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Custom Product Development services for communications requirements that go beyond the ability of standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems. The company’s products and advanced integrated hardware platforms reflect an emphasis on reliability, mobility and anywhere, anytime operations.  Please visit

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NET) has provided, for nearly a quarter of a century, voice and data communications equipment for multi-service networks requiring high degrees of versatility, interoperability, security and performance.  NET’s broad family of products are purpose-built for mixed-service, multi-protocol networks; bandwidth-sensitive site communications; high performance, security-sensitive transmission; and converged communications. The Company’s NX (network exchange) and VX (voice exchange) products enable interoperability and integration with existing networks for seamless migration to secure IP-based voice and data communications.   Please visit

iDirect, a company of VT Systems, designs, develops, and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions targeted at the enterprise, government, carrier and educational sectors that have the need for fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way internet/intranet access. The company has developed technology solutions that combine high performance, worldwide availability, ease of installation, high reliability, and low cost to end customers. In addition, iDirect solutions offer unprecedented efficiencies, increased revenue opportunities and higher per customer gross margins to satellite network operators. iDirect was awarded the 2005 World Teleport Association Teleport Technology of the year, the Innovation & Technology of the Year by The ISCe Advisory Board, and named number one in the Deloitte & Touche Virginia Technology Fast 50 list of the fastest-growing U.S. technology companies. iDirect operates its corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia and has regional offices in Europe, Asia, and covering Latin America. Additional information is available on the company website at

VT Systems and its subsidiaries are preferred providers of engineering solutions, products, integrated systems, and services in the Americas across the core business areas of marine, aerospace, electronics and land systems. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, VT Systems operates throughout North America and offers a broad range of proven innovative services to both the commercial and government sectors. VT Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.   Please visit


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