Signs contracts with IndosatM2, Pak Datacom, and PetroChina’s BGP Oil/Gas Exploration Group and debuts three solutions for Asia Pacific

Singapore, 19 June, 2007 — iDirect Technologies (iDirect), a global provider of satellite-based broadband communications solutions and the US satellite communications arm of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited, today announced it has expanded its presence in the Asia Pacific region by signing three new contracts for its multi-protocol, bandwidth efficient satellite hub. iDirect also announced three new satellite communications solutions aimed at the Asia Pacific market. These include new hardware and software that will enable network operators to better manage and sell satellite bandwidth to extended enterprises, small form factor Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) technology for commercial and government applications, and a global satellite network management system for the maritime industry.

iDirect’s new contracts, spanning Southeast Asia, China and Pakistan, highlight iDirect’s rapid growth in the region and the appeal of its universal satellite communications platform.

* IndosatM2 (IM2), the largest Internet Service Provider in Indonesia, has adopted iDirect’s satellite platform to offer broadband service over Ku Band. The expanded service enables IM2 to serve thousands more business sites throughout Southeast Asia in remote and unreachable locations. IM2 will showcase its satellite broadband service, featuring a live videoconferencing demonstration at the CommunicAsia 2007 exhibition. 

* Pak Datacom Ltd., a subsidiary of Telecom Foundation and the leading satellite network operator in Pakistan and Bangladesh, has acquired an iDirect universal 5IF iNFINITI satellite hub and 25 iDirect Series 3100 remote routers to expand its broadband communications services. Pak Datacom plans to grow its GSM backhaul service for cellular operators, expand remote connectivity to commercial and government organizations and help banking institutions and other extended enterprises replace dedicated SCPC links with an integrated satellite network.

* PetroChina’s Bureau of Geophysics (BGP) Oil/Gas Exploration Group, a division of China National Petroleum Group (CNPC), has chosen iDirect’s satellite communications platform to handle a variety of IP-based satellite broadband requirements critical to its global exploration efforts. The deal represents iDirect’s first satellite hub installation in China.

 “The Asia Pacific region has a critical need for satellite communications to fuel business growth and social development. Yet, network operators, businesses and government organizations have diverse requirements – from rural connectivity to oil and gas exploration – and demand multiple technologies and communications protocols. At iDirect, we have engineered our technology to meet a universal set of requirements. Our customers can support any combination of network applications to thousands of remote sites serving virtually any mix of customer requirements – all from a single iDirect platform. This technology differentiator is driving our business momentum in Asia.”

Regional Vice President and Managing Director, Asia, iDirect

iDirect Introduces Diversified Bandwidth Delivery Model for Network Operators

At CommunicAsia 2007, iDirect is introducing a new solution, Group Quality of Service (QoS) that enables satellite network operators to significantly improve the economics of implementing broadband satellite communications for large enterprises. iDirect’s Group QoS enables operators to dynamically allocate bandwidth across a diverse range of end user groups and applications, creating tiered service levels that eliminate under-utilized bandwidth and provide a more affordable and diversified service package to their customers.

Service levels can be modified for different groups of remotes, business units, office locations, technology applications, and other specifications established by the network operator. As a result, under-utilized bandwidth can be reallocated across a satellite network, allowing operators to bundle multiple customers with diverse user profiles onto the same bandwidth.

iDirect Debuts Global Network Management System for Maritime Industry, New Technology for Small Form-Factor Comms-on-the-Move

iDirect is also introducing new hardware and software features that advance Comms-on-the-Move for a variety of commercial and government applications. iDirect has expanded its Network Management System (NMS) to include features that enable service providers to track, monitor and maintain contact with mobile communications units anywhere in the world. Through industry-first automatic beam switching technology, iDirect’s hubs and routers equip providers with geographic mapping that allows mobile units to remain connected through multiple satellite coverage. The solution is designed for the global maritime industry to maintain continuous data connections as vessels travel across satellite footprints.

In addition, iDirect is introducing spread spectrum technology over its D-TDMA platform. This innovation enables commercial and government organizations to spread signals at a much lower rate than CDMA based solutions. This results in more cost-efficient use of extremely small reflector antennas or phased array antennas on aircraft, maritime, and land based vehicles. 

ST Electronics also launches at CommunicAsia 2007, its Agilis 1.2m stabilized C-Band VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) antenna. The antenna is considered the world’s smallest stabilized C-band antenna in the market currently and is targeted at providing satellite communications to the large and untapped market base of smaller vessels.  The antenna will provide these vessels with the opportunity to benefit from efficient and cost effective broadband satellite communications as it fits perfectly into the confined space of smaller vessels providing them with an “Always On” connectivity for all their communication requirements. It provides not only secure transmission, but also a fast 512Kbps inbound transmission rate and up to 2Mbps for outbound transmission.  Users can expect this cost-effective compact system to provide them with continuous on-board communications through a high performance network.

Please visit us at CommunicAsia 2007 from 19 to 22 June to see our latest solutions.
Singapore Expo, Hall 6, Booth 6K1-07 – showcases iDirect COTM solutions including IM2’s new satellite broadband service and diverse bandwidth delivery models through iDirect New Group QoS functionality.

Singapore Expo, Hall 3, Booth 3H3-0 – showcases ST Electronics’ range of communications and e-learning solutions including Block Up-Converters, High Power SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifier), Outdoor Transceivers, Satcom-On-The-Move, as well as Satellite Hub system from iDirect.  In addition to communications systems and solutions, ST Electronics is showcasing its Multimedia Education Resource Interactive Teacher System (MERiTS).


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