Voice, data, and video hit the road with ultra-small antenna vehicles and maritime vessels

Herndon, VA, 4 June 2007 — iDirect Technologies (iDirect), a company of VT Systems Inc, today announced the release of a new set of capabilities that enables Comms on the Move (COTM) for land vehicles, commuter trains and yachts.  These capabilities also enable service providers to establish seamless global COTM networks. iDirect, a global provider of satellite-based broadband communication solutions, is introducing the iNFINITI 8000 series satellite router, iDS 8.0 software, and new capabilities within its industry leading Network Management System (NMS).

Core Technology Features

  • Global NMS with geographical mapping and automatic beam switching technology enables operators to create seamless, global COTM networks:  Establishing an industry first, iDirect is introducing automatic beam switching technology together with new Global NMS capabilities that enable geographic mapping with consistent IP addressing with dynamic routing. Service providers can achieve a truly global mobile network through the integration of iDirect hubs and remote hardware with multiple satellite coverage footprints. These providers can track, monitor, and maintain contact with mobile communications units anywhere in the world.
  • Direct Sequence spread spectrum over TDMA creates a more efficient, cost effective and reliable solution for very small antennas: iDirect is also introducing spread spectrum technology over its TDMA platform. This innovation enables commercial and military organizations to spread signals at a much lower rate than CDMA based solutions. This results in more cost-efficient use of extremely small reflector antennas or phased array antennas on aircraft, maritime, and land based vehicles.  In addition, iDirect’s choice of spread TDMA provides a more robust and reliable satellite connection than competing technologies using the Aloha multiple access protocol.
  • Highly secure communications: iDirect’s COTM solution features high security TRANSEC with pending FIPS 140-2 encryption and X.509 digital certificates to ensure an adversary can not acquire an illicit remote into a secure network

The new solution meets the most demanding mobility and security requirements from marine vessels circling the globe and roaming land vehicles to broadband communications on commuter trains and even private yachts.

Military Applications
Military organizations around the world require mobile connectivity for Internet, voice, and video communications on remote aircraft, maritime vessels, and land vehicles. iDirect’s new 8000 series remote is designed to replace current mobile VSAT options which are proving too cumbersome and costly for extended use. Military organizations can establish global communications networks to deliver uninterrupted connectivity to marine vessels and track land vehicles. In addition, they can establish a COTM network across supply chains to track assets and share critical information.

“Military organizations need a truly mobile and global Comms on the Move solution.  Most existing communications systems are line-of-sight limited. The remaining over-the-horizon systems are more re-locatable than they are mobile. The ability to communicate with other elements and headquarters with geographically agile equipment is crucial to the warfighter’s success and survivability.”

Senior Analyst, Aerospace & Defense
Frost & Sullivan

Commercial Applications
iDirect’s COTM technology represents a critical breakthrough for commercial organizations that require mobile field and operational communications on ships, airplanes, trains, and land vehicles. These include extending private networks to remote field offices, real-time data sharing and information exchange for the travel and shipping industries as well as voice, video conferencing, and data transfer applications for disaster recovery and relief organizations.

iDirect’s new COTM technology is available through the new iNFINITI 8000 series satellite router and line card, iDS 8.0 software, and enhancements to its Network Management System (NMS).

“iDirect has leveraged its experience with global military organizations, the maritime shipping industry and service providers to expand mobile broadband to new frontiers.  Our new technology developments represent a significant achievement as remote network connectivity becomes ever more critical to military and commercial operations.”

Chief Technology Officer, iDirect


iDirect Technologies, a subsidiary of VT Systems Inc, designs, develops, and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions targeted at the enterprise, government, carrier and educational sectors that have the need for fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way internet/intranet access. The company has developed technology solutions that combine high performance, worldwide availability, ease of installation, high reliability, and low cost to end customers. In addition, iDirect solutions offer unprecedented efficiencies, increased revenue opportunities and higher per customer gross margins to satellite network operators. iDirect was awarded the 2005 World Teleport Association Teleport Technology of the year, the Innovation & Technology of the Year by The ISCe Advisory Board, and named number one in the Deloitte & Touche Virginia Technology Fast 50 list of the fastest-growing U.S. technology companies. iDirect operates its corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia and has regional offices in Europe, Asia, and covering Latin America. Additional information is available on the company website at

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