iDirect Technologies Announces Release Of Transmission Security (TRANSEC)

New release offers highest level of integrated security for IP broadband VSAT market

Herndon, VA., 23 August 2006 - iDirect Technologies (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems Inc., today announced that it will begin offering complete Transmission Security (TRANSEC) capabilities in the fourth quarter of 2006.  This enhanced technology will provide three new critical security components for military TDMA VSAT communications. 
The incorporation of X.509 certificates, encrypted control and overhead, and continuous traffic volumes provide additional layers of network security to combat an adversary’s ability to extract information by monitoring network activity or intercepting secure transmissions.

The pending software release provides standard X.509 certificates that prevent the insertion of “unfriendly” remotes into a secured network.  The X.509 certificates authenticate hub to remote connections and prevent the opposition’s remote from joining an iDirect network and intercepting its communications.  While extremely difficult in today’s environment, the additional mechanisms render any breach in security even more difficult.

The encryption of Layer 2, overhead and control data using AES 256 encryption provides an additional layer of security for all network communications.  Through increased levels of security of IP packets specifying the nature and destination of each transmission, adversaries are unable to extract information such as the source, destination and type of communication. This information could be instrumental in identifying the nature of future operations.

In addition to encrypting overhead data and X.509 certificate authentication, iDirect’s TRANSEC capabilities provide an extra level of security.  By creating a continuous wall of strongly encrypted traffic that remains constant, adversaries are unable to detect fluctuations in traffic timing and volume – changes which could correlate to real world plans and activities.

Various branches of the military, including joint forces and special forces have deployed iDirect networks in forward combat units, logistics organizations, medical units and various support units in the middle east and domestically.  These organizations rely on the iDirect platform for rapid deployment of high quality voice and video communications in the most remote conditions.  The additional levels of security ensure that details of operations are in the hands of the people that need to know and out of the hands of adversaries.

“The incorporation of Transmission Security to our software personifies iDirect’s dedication to military and intelligence applications.  We are fully committed to bringing the absolute highest levels of security to the iDirect platform and pleased to be able to deliver secure voice, video and data traffic to our combat forces.”

~ John Kealey
President and CEO
iDirect Technologies

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