IP-based StratosITek™ system will provide advanced data and voice connectivity for leading offshore worldwide oil and gas drilling contractor

GlobalSantaFe Selects Stratos and iDirect Technologies for Worldwide Remote Broadband Satellite Communication
IP-based StratosITek™ system will provide advanced data and voice connectivity for leading offshore worldwide oil and gas drilling contractor


HOUSTON, Tx. -- November 10, 2004 -- Stratos Global Corp. (TSX: SGB), a leading global communications services and solutions provider, today announced a three-year contract to install and support a broadband data and voice communications system for approximately 60 GlobalSantaFe Corporation offshore drilling rigs and remote offices worldwide.

The installation is expected to be completed by April 2005, at which time Stratos will be the primary provider for GlobalSantaFe's remote communications requirements.  The three-year contract, with an estimated value of US$9 million, provides integrated solutions for worldwide land-based and maritime locations. 

StratosITek™ is based on advanced two-way VSAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite technology developed by iDirect Technologies.  The IP-based StratosITek system supports data throughput speeds up to 4 Mbps from the remote site, and up to 9 Mbps from the hub to the remote site.  Each remote terminal has a built-in router to support a full range of data and voice applications and devices, including voice-over-IP, fax, e-mail, Internet and intranet access, file transfer and video conferencing.

Additionally, the technology features built-in TCP acceleration, DNS caching and QoS prioritization for improved performance versus previous-generation VSAT systems.  StratosITek also uses advanced encryption technology and scalable bandwidth management to segregate user sub-networks, providing inherently superior security for critical and sensitive applications.

"With this new technology, we can now monitor remote operations on a real-time basis from any location, enabling us to improve operational efficiency and drilling productivity," said Steve Bilsing, regional vice president, operations, GlobalSantaFe.

"The iDirect technology that powers StratosITek was developed from the ground up to work with the IP-based applications and systems that power business communications today," said John Kealey, president and chief executive officer, iDirect.  "iDirect's technology, combined with Stratos' established reputation for outstanding global service and support, makes StratosITek an ideal solution for companies such as GlobalSantaFe that require broadband connectivity in remote areas where terrestrial service is lacking."

"As one of the leading global providers of remote communications' solutions to the oil and gas industry, Stratos is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of wide-spread organizations like GlobalSantaFe," said Mark Slaughter, president of Stratos' broadband division.  "Stratos is proud to be providing this remote communications system for GlobalSantaFe and, together with our technology partner, iDirect, we look forward to providing GlobalSantaFe with the superior service and support it requires."

About iDirect Technologies

iDirect Technologies, a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems Inc., designs, develops, and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions targeted at the enterprise, government, carrier and educational sectors that have the need for fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way internet/intranet access. The company has developed technology solutions that combine high performance, worldwide availability, and ease of installation, high reliability, and low cost to end customers. In addition, iDirect solutions offer unprecedented efficiencies, increased revenue opportunities and higher per customer gross margins to satellite network operators. iDirect was awarded the 2005 World Teleport Association Teleport Technology of the year, the Innovation & Technology of the Year by The ISCe Advisory Board, and named number one in the Deloitte & Touche Virginia Technology Fast 50 list of the fastest-growing U.S. technology companies. iDirect operates its corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia and has regional offices in Europe, Asia, and covering Latin America. Additional information is available on the company website at www.idirect.net.

About GlobalSantaFe

GlobalSantaFe is a leading offshore worldwide oil and gas drilling contractor offering a full range of premium equipment and drilling management services. The company's diverse and technologically advanced fleet of 57 offshore rigs includes premium and heavy-duty, harsh-environment jackups, semisubmersibles, and dynamically positioned ultra-deepwater drillships. Additionally, the company has two semisubmersible rigs under construction.  GlobalSantaFe is the world's leading provider of turnkey drilling and drilling management services. More information can be found at www.gsfdrill.com.

About Stratos

Stratos (www.stratosglobal.com) is a publicly traded company (TSX: SGB) and leading international telecommunications services provider offering customers operating in remote locations a variety of satellite and microwave wireless technologies to provide Internet Protocol, data, and voice solutions through a range of newly emerging and established technologies such as Inmarsat®, Intelsat®, Iridium®, Globalstar®, VSAT, and others. Stratos serves an array of diverse markets including government, military, energy, maritime, industrial, aeronautical, media and recreational users anywhere in the world.


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