1. Why satellite?

Satellite communication can deliver a terrestrial-grade experience with voice, video, and data that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Because of its universal and multi-point nature, satellite-based solutions can provide a flexible and cost-effective answer to support:

  • Fixed or wireless voice and data communications
  • Enterprise networking
  • Financial transactions
  • Internet linkages
  • Satellite video transmission and distribution networks

2. Can I order equipment directly from you?

All iDirect products are sold exclusively through a diverse global network of more than 300 satellite operators, VSAT network operators and carriers, resellers and integrators. Through these partnerships, we enable satellite-based broadband access solutions for telecommunications carriers, enterprise customers and military and government organizations.

Find a Partner  
To find an authorized iDirect Provider, please complete this form, along with your specific requirements and we will provide you information on the iDirect partners that meet your criteria. To learn more about our Partner program, click here.

3. How do I become a partner?

The iDirect Partner Program is built on a simple principle: your success is our success. We invest in the relationships with our partners to provide opportunities for you to grow your business and be ready to meet tomorrow’s new challenges. If you would like to learn more about becoming an iDirect Partner you can contact us. To learn more about our Partner program, click here.

4. I need to talk to someone about iDirect solutions.

We have a talented, global team of professionals dedicated to leveraging iDirect's innovative satellite communications technology to help you. Contact us to learn more about iDirect’s award-winning approach to more intelligent networks, with advanced technology that delivers practical, substantial business value.

5. Why should I use iDirect equipment?
All iDirect technology is developed to a universal set of requirements to enable our providers to meet any customer need, and support all customer applications in the most demanding networking environments.

iDirect technology brings greater business value across the enterprise. Just a few examples include:

  • Speedier customer transaction and inquiry processing
  • Lower operating and back office expenditures
  • Improved efficiency of mobile or remote workforces with quality voice, video and Internet connectivity
  • Protection from lost revenue during terrestrial network outages
  • New business growth made possible by extending connectivity into outlying areas regardless of distance, weather or terrain

6. The military has specific security requirements. Does iDirect provide secure communications?

iDirect has developed the leading IP-based, bandwidth efficient satellite platform for both U.S.- based and international government and military communications and the only TRANSEC-compliant, FIPS certified security package in the satellite industry.

iDirect Government Technologies (iGT) Inc., created in 2007, is a wholly owned subsidiary of iDirect and was formed to better serve the U.S. government and defense communities. iGT provides a singular focus to offer the best products and services to support diverse government operations in the U.S. To contact an iGT representative, click here.

7. I am a service provider and would like to buy an iDirect hub. What if I have questions? Do you offer support?

iDirect provides partners with a comprehensive array of technical services designed to improve efficiencies, drive profitability and optimize every iDirect investment. As soon as you buy your hub, you’re automatically enrolled in iSupport Basic, with an option to upgrade to higher service levels, iDirect’s comprehensive program of continuous, up to date information, 24/7 access and expert assistance. Please see our Training and Services section to get a complete overview of our offerings.

8. My organization isn’t big enough to afford an iDirect hub. What can we do?

iDirect provides partners with a highly scalable way to enter, serve and expand nearly any market . You can start small with our flexible Universal Series Hubs and add line cards as your customer base grows. Or iDirect’s Virtual Network Operation (VNO) option enables a service provider to view and manage only their own networks and remotes within a larger, shared hub operated by a Host Network Operator (HNO). A VNO can start small, purchasing through an HNO only the portions of hub infrastructure needed to independently deliver services to the growing customer base.

Our entire product portfolio enables service providers to enter markets affordably, scale quickly to seize new business opportunities and stay one step ahead of competition. Contact us if you would like to find a partner that can offer VNO services to you or learn more about our scalable hub options.

9. I would love to work with iDirect! Where should I send my resume?

If you're ready to be an integral part of a fast-paced, dynamic organization where teamwork and individual contributions are recognized and rewarded, please apply online here.

10. I am an iDirect customer, who do I contact if I have a technical question my iDirect service?

Round the clock access to world-class engineers and network experts is available through our TAC (Technical Assistance Center). TAC providers our customers with service contracts ongoing support for rapid issue resolution, software upgrades and releases.