Today, few organizations in the world can survive without constant connectivity. People demand enterprise-class, high-speed, reliable, secure IP voice, video, and data applications wherever they are. Global enterprises in the heart of major cities need to connect to local offices all over the world. Governments need secure, high-speed networks able to be instantly deployed and deliver immediate access to mission-critical applications. Maritime vessels scattered across the seas need reliable ship-to-shore communications. Utility companies are modernizing the power grid and need to expand their networks while overcoming challenges of distance, weather and terrain. Widely dispersed populations currently living beyond the reach of cellular service in remote, rural areas need voice and data services. The need has never been more universal.

Strong Market Growth
And today the market has never been more vibrant. Growth figures reported from sources including COMSYS, NSR, Pike, Informa, UTC and Euroconsults are showing CAGR (compound annual growth rate) numbers in the double – even triple – digits.

Utilities: Government regulations and outdated SCADA systems are driving infrastructure upgrades and connectivity needs to the edge of the network. With a CAGR of 58%, the utilities industry is primed for significant growth.

Maritime: According to COMSYS, VSAT maritime services have grown at a rate of 40 percent or more annually over the past five years. They forecast that 26,000+ vessels will rely on VSAT for primary communications by 2016, while VSAT revenues will exceed $1.2 billion.

Military and Government: The military and defense market is the largest satellite customer segment in both value and demand. COMSYS reports that over the past five years the number of terminals deployed by armed forces across all service types has risen by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20 percent, with more than 45,000 terminals now in service.

Cellular backhaul: NSR predicts that backhaul sites will more than double between 2009 and 2019, surpassing 24,000 backhaul BTS sites worldwide. A major driver of this growth is the shift from SCPC-based networks to TDMA networks, which can more affordably support the widely dispersed populations common in remote areas. In cellular backhaul, the move to IP, deployment of 3G and small cells are driving data usage in mobile networks to the tune of 102% CAGR.

HTS: New Implications, New Opportunities
Today we’re in the midst of a major shift that will have a profound impact across all our markets, bringing improved speeds and lower costs … changing industry dynamics and economics … and opening new opportunities.

At the center of this shift are high throughput satellites (HTS), the much talked-about new breed of high-performance broadband satellites that will use Ka, Ku and C band frequencies.

As more and more HTS are launched they are expected, over time, to provide a huge influx of bandwidth capacity that will deliver higher speeds at lesser cost. In fact, industry watcher NSR states that high throughput satellites are expected to supply at least 1.34 TBps of capacity by 2020.

Since bandwidth will no longer constrain how business is done, rapid adoption of satellite is expected to open doors to new opportunities in both the enterprise and government markets.

Fueling the Demand
HTS, however, is only part of the story in terms of satellite going mainstream and expanding into new markets. Other major advances in terminals and ground segment infrastructure, along with market education, are playing a big role in the rising demand for satellite, making VSAT much easier to deploy, use and manage.

Together these factors will accelerate overall adoption of VSAT on a much broader scale and change our business on an order of magnitude never seen before.

Proven and Powerful Strategy
Our strategy today is a natural evolution of the early work done in reshaping the VSAT industry through breakthrough technologies, winning economics and flexible business models.

Focus on high-value, specialized market segments, delivering integrated solutions to meet specific market requirements
VT iDirect commits to a thorough understanding of the unique regional and industry issues within specialized markets. Drawing from our early success, our solutions are tailored to solve very specific challenges that can only be met through a holistic understanding of the market requirements, including a thorough familiarity with and anticipation of end-user requirements, along with the means to create a steady stream of demand.

Co-innovation with best-in-class industry leaders to accelerate the delivery of superior products, fuel our portfolio and expand the VSAT market
Leveraging the advancements of like-minded innovators is the best way to ensure VT iDirect partners have early access to superior products and technology that will open new market opportunities.

Leading the Intelligent Path Forward

Today, we continue to expand the market for satellite connectivity by enabling the delivery of HTS services and leading the way to the new era of opportunity. Our customers can build on their existing investment to deploy networks that are faster and more efficient, that can scale quickly and affordably, and that can be customized for all market applications.