Technology and Innovation

The iDirect Platform: The Foundation for Business Success

The iDirect Platform is an IP-based satellite communications system enabling operators and service providers to deliver carrier-class service across any market, expertly manage their network operations, and drive strategic growth.

This ground-breaking innovation has transformed satellite connectivity into an enterprise-class IP service while dramatically lowering capital and operating costs. Today we continue to expand the market for satellite connectivity by enabling the delivery of HTS services as well. With the iDirect Platform, partners have the most intelligent path forward toward deploying networks that are faster and more efficient, scale quickly and affordably, and can be customized for all market applications.

With the iDirect Platform, service providers are investing in a comprehensive, innovative technology mindset aligned with a sound, long-term business strategy.

Core Components

Hub and Line Cards

  • Enables operation across all business models including VNO, HNO and managed service models
  • Minimizes initial capital costs to help lower total cost of ownership
  • Supports all satellite architectures and all markets from a central hub
  • Helps scale business one network at a time with “pay as you grow”

Full Suite of Satellite Remotes

  • Hits all speeds and all applications through software-enabled features
  • Multiple form factors including desktops, rack-mounts, outdoor units and router boards allow for integration into aeronautical, portable and other specialized communications systems

Network Management System

  • Configures, monitors and controls the entire satellite network from single or multiple locations
  • Contains an analytical suite of tools to run complex, large-scale networks with precision and profitability

Dual Product Lines
The Platform features two product lines ─ Evolution® and iDirect Velocity™. Operators and service providers choose the right hardware and software features based on their end user requirements.


  • More than 1,200 networks in service and a quarter million remotes deployed worldwide
  • Meets a broad range of customer requirements from narrowband to demanding high-bandwidth mobility and military applications on wide beam and spot beam capacities

iDirect Velocity

  • Specifically designed for providers deploying large-scale networks across multi-spot HTS beams with a need to offer managed services and support multiple business models
  • Powering the world’s leading HTS programs through partnerships with Inmarsat, Intelsat, Telenor and other satellite operators

Software enhancements continually fuel the Platform, delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to network scalability improvements and expanded functionality.