Corporate Social Responsibility

iDirect Connects the World through Social Responsibility

iDirect Pledge Overview
Through iDirect’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, iDirect Pledge, the company is focused specifically on providing the social values and charity to aid in humanitarian efforts. Whether satellite communications can be used in a time of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flood or fires; or a community needs satellite to provide education; or a hospital needs telemedicine, iDirect is committed to serving its global communities. By teaming with our partners around the world, we are able to swiftly and safely deploy reliable, fast satellite communications to those in need. With iDirect Pledge, we are poised to give back to the communities around the world that need assistance.

Program Criteria and Eligibility
iDirect will donate VSAT equipment to Charitable, Aid Organizations and/or Service Providers serving those in need in the not-for-profit segment. Examples could be:

  • Education and Distance Learning
  • Telemedicine
  • Orphanages
  • Disaster Preparedness or Relief

The provider/organization will receive the right to use the equipment for three (3) years. At the end of the three (3) years, iDirect and provider/organization will evaluate the need to replenish/replace the equipment as needed to support the charitable needs.

Equipment Available
iDirect has iNFINITI (only) network bundles available as a “plug and play” to an organization’s network*. Everything is included and preloaded for your self-install, from cables to line cards to software.

iDirect Pledge in Action
Today iDirect partners with Intelsat, LBiSat, SkyVision, Newcom International, among others, to provide connectivity to those in need. We are proud to be a part of these amazing programs:

Contact Us
iDirect has offices around the globe. Contact us here with your enquiry to ask about eligibility.

*Equipment Inventory List Existing iNFINITI network –mini hub bundles, along with iNFINITI 3000s and 7000s remotes, which will run as standalone private networks and include BUCs and LNBs. Alternatively iNFINITI line cards and remotes can be donated as “a la carte” items. All equipment utilizes iDX 3.15 software with speeds on the outbound of 10Msym 8PSK and inbound 4.5Msym 8PSK. Please note, with an existing Evolution® network, inventory will not be compatible.