Satellite connectivity enables Utilities to bring the smart grid anywhere it is required, especially to remote substations, AMI collector sites and customer locations beyond the reach of primary networks.

Providing Customized Communication Solutions
iDirect and our partners work with Utilities to provide IP-based satellite communication solutions that integrate into their core networks to help meet smart grid objectives.

Through the iDirect technology, Utilities gain a secure and reliable network solution to monitor SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) devices, with the ability to extend broadband applications such as video surveillance, VoIP and corporate data access to remote substations where other traditional communications technologies fall short.

iDirect’s technology is leveraged by Utilities to support the need to backhaul smart meter data from aggregation sites and manage green energy sites that may be in remote or difficult to reach locations. Utilities depend on satellite technology to not only provide constant connectivity, but also as backup to the overall communications network in the wake of catastrophic events or circuit failures.

The iDirect Benefits
Whether you are an integrator or a Utility, there is a compelling case for including iDirect technology as part of your communications network.

Learn what industry experts are saying about recent research with Utility professional commissioned by iDirect with the Utilities Telecom Council.

Here are a few iDirect Utility solution benefits:

  • Affordability: Satellite technology has changed from a costly niche solution to a more affordable technology that is used today across nearly every industry
  • Speed: Satellite data rates have advanced from narrowband serial connections to reach broadband speeds capable of supporting real-time, bandwidth-intensive applications like video and Voice over IP
  • Reliability: Satellite technology advancements have innovated to almost eradicate latency, overcome weather conditions and ensure data security
  • Ease of use: Network management technology has evolved to make satellite networks easier to deploy, monitor and optimize
  • Build or Outsource: Utilities have the flexibility to build and operate their own satellite communications network or can outsource partial or complete management of the satellite network through one of iDirect’s service provider partners

Recommended Products

Evolution® X1 Series Satellite Routers

Evolution® X1 Series Satellite Routers

The Evolution® X1 series are optimized for use in large-scale networks such as SCADA, retail, small cell, ATM and small Enterprise. The X1 features DVB-S2/ACM, Adaptive TDMA, geo-redundancy and optional AES encryption at a cost-effective price point. The X1 Outdoor version has an IP67 enclosure to withstand extreme temperatures.