Mobile networks are growing at a rapid pace. The demand for advanced consumer services combined with the growth in connectivity for other devices, often labeled the Internet of Things, is driving mobile operators to quickly scale their networks. As operators look to expand coverage and grow subscribers beyond urban areas it can be challenging to justify the investment and provide the Quality of Experience for customers in more remote locations. That is where cellular backhaul over satellite can offer a cost-effective solution for reaching remote and rural locations helping mobile operators extend their network.

Advances in mobile infrastructure along with new developments in satellite technology are changing the business case for serving remote and rural customers. The iDirect SatHaul® solution combined with lower cost bandwidth from High Throughput Satellites (HTS) have made it possible to deliver high speed, reliable service in areas that cannot be reached by traditional terrestrial or microwave backhaul.

Satellite has the unique ability to reach almost any location and provide immediate connectivity. It is quick to deploy and provides a very reliable connection. The iDirect SatHaul solution combines the latest in satellite infrastructure with advanced transmission techniques, including mobile specific optimization of signaling, voice and data content to offer the most profitable business case for 2G, 3G and 4G over satellite.

Highlights of the iDirect SatHaul solution include:

  • Unique solutions that are optimized for 2G, 3G or 4G requirements 
  • Advanced Quality of Service - bandwidth management and prioritization to ensure terrestrial-grade link quality and higher reliability for voice and data services 
  • Compression and Optimization – providing the most efficient voice calls over satellite, combined with advanced optimization of signaling, transmission and data content 
  • Remote side hardware designed for outdoor deployments, with low power consumption 
  • IPSec for advanced security requirements

Why Use iDirect SatHaul for Cellular Backhaul?

iDirect SatHaul is empowering mobile operators around the globe to connect remote and rural areas. Our partnerships with industry leading suppliers of cellular infrastructure provide mobile operators with tested, proven solutions to meet their network requirements. As demand for mobile voice and data services continues to explode, satellite technology will play an integral role expanding coverage and opening up new revenue opportunities for mobile operators.

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